How To Really Fix The "Philips Server Not Found" Error on Philips "Smart" TVs


Introducing the smart TV from Hell…


I have a Philips 32PFL4007H/12 so called “smart” TV. A year ago I had it serviced by an “authorized” Philips shop. They replaced the screen.

When I got home I discovered that the little used smart TV feature was dead. Any attempt to connect to the Smart TV portal would get me the hateful “Philips server not found error”.


There are many threads on the forums about this. See for example:



At one point during the last year I even tcpdump’ed the traffic between the TV the Philips server. I couldn’t find out anything. I sent the data to Philips support. They gave me the finger.


In some threads the users reach the conclusion that IF in the CSM menu (enter by switching to TV and pressing 123654 on the remote) if they have “Type Number” and “Production Code” set to “see type plate” then they can no longer access the Philips Portal. The damned thing uses this info for authorization to their server. This is what happened to me.


Supposedly the only way to fix this is to take the f-ing TV back to the people who broke it in the first place(I am looking at you crappy Philips service provider – the biggest in the country and sh*t).


So I gave up.


Until tonight. When I found the solution.

I don’t remember the exact flow. I went to a site about trying to root Philips TV which gave a hint about a secret service menu. I entered the secret service menu(type 062596 + INFO or OK button).


There is a submenu here called NVM editor where: miracle! you can input the damn production code and type number using the remote.


The type number is the TV model code(32PFL4007H/12 for me), and the production code is the serial number which can be found on a sticker in the back.

I input these strings, restarted the TV a couple of times and joy – I have a “smart” TV again.



A word of caution, use that menu with care, I heard people broke their TVs mistyping things.


Here are a few helpful sites I read:






Fuck you Philips service guys. I want my year of “smart” TV back.


26 thoughts on “How To Really Fix The "Philips Server Not Found" Error on Philips "Smart" TVs”

  1. Please, how to enter model code in NVM editor using a remote control? I dont know , how to enter letters. I entered only numbers. Thanks for answer.

    1. Hello,

      Depending on the type of remote you have it should be like dumb phone’s keyboard – multiple presses on the number should translate into letters. Try also to long press keys.

  2. Thanks for answer. If i want rename names of channel it works, but in NVM editor it does not work. Any idea? I would like to change “see type plate” to my TV type number (40PFL5007K/12) Thanks.

    1. I dont’t have this TV model. I am thinking that if everything fails you might try plugging in a usb keyboard?

      1. Logical yes we did. They were super polite would not or could not help but had the solution, Take off the wall transport it back to shop and ask for your money back TV was 4 days old and did not connect to any app from date of purchase TOTAL RIP OFF

  3. Hi, i enter de production number, but the tv doesn´t connect! do you enter the production code with the uppercase letters? thanks!

    1. If you are reffering to the TV model (like PFL32…) then yes, I entered it in all caps.

  4. I have the same problem, how to change the type number and production code from the secret menu. I tried but it seem unwritable.

  5. Same problem on 55PFS8109/12. TV was sent back to Philips before (previous owner told me) and I got it secondhand. They probably forgot to enter the serial, CSM menu said “SEE TYPE PLATE” at 1.1 and 1.2. This resulted in Smart TV not working and getting errors like “Philips server not found”. Also sometimes the TV got into endless reboot loops when using wifi. Not even sure how I solved those.

    Entered type number and serial myself via above method and did a hard reset. All seems to be fixed, at least now Smart TV is working! Haven’t seen the reboots yet, but admittedly it’s only been around an hour of youtube streaming via wifi. But I have a gut feeling the reboots where related to this.

    Anyway, although i absolutely LOVE this TV and the ambilight etc, TP-Vision / Philips is completely incompetent. I almost got into a fight with Dutch customer service rep because he didn’t believe my problems.

  6. Correction: reboot loop not solved, but Smart TV works. Separate issues it seems. Still have to have it repaired…. Anyway, very helpful article to help me separate the issues at the very least!

  7. My dear brother than for the tips. Bet me you are genuis it works for just like you said… once more than you and than you so many times brother….. Be bless man and many many thanks…. you don’t know how you make my day….

  8. Hello everyone! I have a problem to a Philips 42PFL3108H / 12, shows me the reverse image (with the top down), that after I brought the service. We update the software but not resolved .I’m not experienced radio tv, but I like to mix throughout the electronics, can you give me some tips will help me. Thank you in advance!
    Excuse my bad English!

    1. Sounds like the LCD screen is installed upside down. There might be a firmware setting that allows changing orientation but who knows…
      I think it would be best to return it to the service guys.

  9. This led tv use it in a bar, I placed it on the wall with upside down. In the future I would like to fix this flaw.
    Thank you!

  10. In my case when to introduce data to NVM editor everything was already fill in, and everything was correct, I put it one more time, restarted it, but still same problem. I am using 43PUH6101/88 Phillips. before today everything works fine.
    Did you know something on this situation?

  11. I Have the 55xxxx, first off….I HATE THIS DAMN TV, its honestly like untrained dog, constantly disobeys commands. Smarthub constantly drops out whether you’re watching YouTube or a plugged in hard drive. Settings menu opens randomly and the remote….theres not enough space here to complain about that. Can’t wait to buy a new tv so i can take to this one with a mallet.

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