Operating Systems

OS X: A Secret Love Affair

Good evening, I am somewhat of an odd person in the eyes of my peers. I someone who enjoys using OS X for daily tasks in a Windows dominated environment. Everyone I know uses Windows. Some know what Linux. Some of those know that is more than just for servers. Some also know that Linux …

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The Beta Batlle.net App is Kinda Cool

Hi,   I have to say the Batlle.net Desktop Launcher App Thingie is kinda cool. You can login once then launch all your Blizzard games from one place without having to re-login. Even across restarts. And you can install your games without downloading that awful launcher for each one of them. And it has subtle …

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My Puny Bitcoin Farm

Hi ppl, If you don’t know what a bitcoin is, you’ve probably have been living in a troll cave under a wet rock! If you do know, then you know that GPUs are no longer cutting it as miners. There’s a whole ASIC miner craze going on. The cheapest device you can get(albeit not the …

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Games Life

Building Your Own PC

Hi. My first ever PC was built by a couple of economics majors(now big time moguls) who probably had no clue what all the parts did but found ways to snap them together like Legos (ok, am I being too harsh?). The components were mainly “no-name” or “built on a ship from Taiwan” as we …

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Site Updates

Switched to a VPS for Hosting

Hello absent fans, I’ve dreamed for a while to mess around with my own VPS. Ever since I got my Raspberry PI I tried to cram as much stuff as possible into it. But… the poor thing has its limitations. So I migrated the wordpress site to a VPS on the cloud running some Ubuntu …

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