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The Demos

[Imported from the EnLight 3D blog] Here are the promised Win32 and Linux demos. Game resources were not included. You need a Quake 3 Arena CD/installation from which you will have to extract(from pak0.pk3 – which is in fact a zip) the following directories: textures, scripts and models to the ‘demos’ directory. I cannot provide …

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The Park

[Content also imported from my EnLight 3D blog ] This is a an older project of mine. It contains a water simulation. Not very advanced as you will see but it was an important step for me at the time. To see it, u need to go the well in the scene and click on …

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EnLight3D Indie::Game::Dev

The First Release of EnLight 3D!

[Content was imported from my EnLight 3D blog] EnLight 3D was my graduate diploma project at my university. Its objective was to be an all-purpose 3D engine. However, it is my belief that I have achieved only 70% of the required functionality of a modern 3D engine. Therefore I will not release any source code …

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