More Tate Britain & Belgo Centraal

Day 3

Sunday, we went to Tate Britain again to complete our tour( Slow, I know.


Later that day we went to Covent Garden which pretty packed on Sundays. We ate at a Belgian restaurant called Belgo Centraal. We had mussels. Now I am not a big fan of seafood, but these were OK. I particularly enjoyed the fruit beer.

Back to Covent Garden; It is a very busy place on weekends and other holidays I presume, it’s a place to go to restaurants, even shop, and watch freelance artists. At the core of Covent Garden is the Covent Garden Market which is mainly comprised of shops and more restaurants. I came back another day and made some pictures and a movie. So, I will discuss Covent Garden another day.

That was, I believe, all that was worth telling about that day, from a tourist point of view. More will follow, so bare with me.

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