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The First Release of EnLight 3D!

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EnLight 3D was my graduate diploma project at my university. Its objective was to be an all-purpose 3D engine. However, it is my belief that I have achieved only 70% of the required functionality of a modern 3D engine. Therefore I will not release any source code at this point, only a few demos, to give you an idea of what the engine is capable of at version 0.7.

One particular aspect that requires a lot of work is that of lighting. A dynamic and more realistic model needs to be implemented. Also I am thinking of adding support for Doom 3 levels. After all, this is one of the engines most used today and for which good level editors exist. At this point the engine offers support for Quake 3 .bsp and animated .md3. 3DS objects support is easy to add, as I have done this in a previous project and all I have to do is migrate the code. The engine also supports collision detection based on the bsp tree.

I will post some Windows and Linux demos shortly. Also, a stripped down version of the doxygen docs can be found here(10 MB quota prevented me from including any cool graphviz diagrams, all descriptions are in Romanian 🙂 ).

Here’s a video of an EnLight 3D engine demo running on Windows Vista.(Not actual speed – slowed down by recording software)

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