Be The One…vs 100!

Hello. I am back with more gaming rant :D.

North American people might be familiar with a game show called “1 vs 100”. Recently I became aware of an Xbox Live version of the game called “1 vs 100 Live”. Basically, in this version, your Xbox Live avatar participates in the virtual version of the show hosted by Chris Cashman. There are actually two kinds of games: the “Live” one which is twice a week and in which you can win prizes and what not and the “Extended Play” in which you just compete to increase your season score. But I’ll let the official site explain all the details. While this is actually the second year of the game, it was new to me. Yeah, I am new to the Xbox 360 experience.

I just wanted to note that I do appreciate Microsoft’s initiative to create this hybrid between a video game and a TV game show. Very inspired, guys.

That is all, gotta start brushing up on my trivia if I want to have a shot at those prizes :D.

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