Gifts For Gamers

If you still haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift for a gamer you care for here’s a really short and helpful list I compiled.

(Order is random, disregard the numbers)

  1. God Of War Collection(PS3) – If they have one of the new slim PS3s that are not backwards compatible or have simply never played God Of War 1 & 2 on the PS2 this could be an awesome gift. God Of War was the game to have for the PS2 back in the day.
  2. World of Warcraft Pet: Pandaren Monk – This might seem silly to you but if your friend is a WoW addict this is a great gift for the following reasons: instant delivery – you just e-mail them a code they can redeem from their account; 50% of the money is given to the Make-a-Wish Foundation; it’s a really cute pet :). If you are looking to spend more, you can also get from the Blizzard store game cards or that expansion they still haven’t bought but want to. Or some crazy action-figure, t-shirt or whatever ;).
  3. Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam – you can buy the actual game box or gift the game via Steam, Valve’s digital distribution system. If you also get it for yourself you can go online and start blasting zombies together. Zombies… will we ever grow tired of them? Guess not! :). Oh, the game got great reviews so if your loved one is a zombie-maiming-and-shooting person, you’ll make them happy.
  4. Microsoft Points – For Xbox 360 gamers ;). If you are at a loss you can just get them a redeemable code or an actual physical card with a code printed on it. Using the points you give them they can buy games, add-ons and more from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Furthermore, Games For Windows Live lets you buy with points games & add-ons for the PC as well – and they have a few good games. Mind you, PC games are about 4000 MS points – which is a bit steep. MS is clearly gunning for Steam as a digital distribution platform for games with a universal currency, unlike Steam that uses a currency for each region, sometimes creating a disadvantage for EU users. There are a lot of sites that sell MS points cards – digital or physical – be careful however that they come in two flavors – EU and US which must match the target player’s gamertag locale. But even if it doesn’t they can create a new gamertag and redeem the code on that one. Games purchased from multiple gamertags on the same console are available to all users of the console – so no worries.
  5. PSN points – Same deal as MS points but for PS3 owners.
  6. Game Controllers – all gamers love game controllers (probably). Logitech and Saitek make some solid game controllers in my opinion. However, my default controller over the last 2 years has been the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (which works on windows just fine) for which a lot of PC games have been optimized. There is a wired version and a wireless version, for the wireless version you need to get the receiver as well. I have both versions and love them but use the wireless one mostly for obvious reasons.
  7. Amazon Gift Card – If you are really clueless, buy them an Amazon gift voucher – arrives by e-mail or actual mail depending on what you prefer.

That’s it, there a lot of other games out there you could buy but it’s up to you to really know what they might enjoy, I was just trying to assist you a bit. Hope this helps.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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