The Departed

We keep in our minds many people who, in different ways, have left our lives either through the front door, maybe storming out, or silently, they just slipped away. They have left us willingly or we have forced them out. Some have left us unwillingly, by dying. This is the hard truth. We are not forever.

I have lost a few people a long the way, of which some have died. You think that when someone you lost is still alive you could at some point still reconnect with them, that is never too late. But when they are dead, there is no way of reviving a relationship, there is no way of asking for forgiveness. You are only left with memories, which someday will burn with you.

Not sure what could be done. Save the ones that are still alive? Can you?

One thing I am sure of, from each of them I’ve learned something and I will do my best to keep the lesson learned. Some taught me by being good and kind and some taught me by deceiving me and being unkind. But they all taught me something, all the same.

So this for you, my departed friends.

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