Ubisoft: Just Give Up!

In case you haven’t heard all about Ubisoft’s brain-dead DRM scheme, read my previous post.

Here’s a quick update: it seems that for the last few days legit owners of Silent Hunter 5 and Assassin’s Creed 2(I haven’t gotten mine yet…) have been unable to play due to the fact that Ubisoft servers were down during last weekend and then some.

Ubisoft reveals that they are the victim of Denial of Service attacks. Well, it kinda figures guys, just give up already. Trust me – just focus on making good games that sell. We will buy your damn games but don’t make us suffer for it.

I feel that, while they do have a right to protect their intellectual property, it should, and must not be at the expense of the honest players. It defeats the purpose, people.

Kotaku true  story.

Stay frosty.

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