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1Password for Firefox on Linux

How to Run 1Password for Firefox(and probably Chrome) on Linux


I’ve been loving 1Password for a while now and I wanted to use it on Linux as well.

There is no official support from Agilebits for Linux yet.

In my search I found a few ways:

And other hacks.

But in the end it was this official forum page that holds the key:

After you install the Windows version of 1Password go and manually install the browser extension from:

After the extension is installed it will complain that the 1Password helper is not running.

Go in 1Password (running in Wine) and:

In the Help menu disable Advanced->Verify web browser code signature

Also in the Help menu select “Restart 1Password helper”.

In the browser click “Try again” for the extension to find the helper; it will display a bad page but it will effectively start working.


Yey, thank you 1Password

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