Top 5 Things The TV Wants You To Believe Are True

Back after a week of hibernating. Here is this Saturday’s morning rant.

The evil TV wants you to think all sorts of things that I simply find are not true. I’ve given up actual TV some 5 to 7 years ago (not sure on the actual moment I stopped watching) so I am almost constantly disconnected from the “real world” and the news. The only news I usually care about are technology related and I get that from the web, sorry TV. However, I do have a flaw – I watch recorded TV shows – mainly drama and some comedy. I’ve enjoyed lots of shows over the years – in no particular order: Lost, 24, Supernatural, Smallville, The Simpsons, Dexter, Lie To Me, FRIENDS(yes, the best show ever made!), Joey(flawed spin-off, sorry Joe), Star Trek(all of them!), Burn Notice, Modern Family, Men of a Certain Age, United States of Tara, Weeds, Desperate Housewives, V, The 4400 and much more. Yeah, I’ve seen a LOT of shows. Some brilliant, some flawed and even bad. I watch them to escape from “the real life” so I am not surprised that what goes on in these shows has nothing to do with reality most of the time. So here are, based on my experience, the top 10 things that the evil TV wants you to believe are true.

1. You are or can be hero. Or at least you are person of great vision who can and will change the world. Most of the shows I watched over the years including 24 and Smallville are about people who constantly change or/and save the world. It’s a beautiful concept but it is also very FAKE. Unless you are the president of the USA or some Russian controlling have of the world’s gas reserves, your powers are somewhat limited. You see, in this world power is about money. Or is simply about political power which you get with, well, money – not necessarily yours. Of course, it occurs to me, that you could be some Greenpeace volunteer trying to save the whales, but nobody will really know what you did… And you will not really save or change the world.

2. If you want something bad enough, it will be yours. Let’s face it, we are limited. We can battle it all we want but in the end it will only brings us misery. I admit I like to think I can have it all. I think this is what they told us in school too. But you can’t. Mainly because between you and what you want are many other people who don’t want the same thing as you. Again, unless you are the president of the USA, yada yada. This is a depressing one.

3. It all happens for a reason/ Life has rules. There is karma. I love this concept but…it simply doesn’t apply. Of course, men have their laws intent on trying to keep at bay those who deliberately try to destroy other human beings. But these laws fail often enough. Well, not the laws themselves but the men who are supposed to enforce them. I think most things happen because of the chaos that humanity has built on this planet. The ecosystem had its perfection without us meddling everywhere. Maybe we are not of this planet? God knows. And He won’t tell.

4. Love can save you from a miserable existence. I won’t even comment on this one. See pretty much any TV show out there.

5. I was gonna bitch something about spies – but I realized they are pretty cool. But…not very real, either.

Yeah, I am dull and pessimistic today.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things The TV Wants You To Believe Are True”

  1. Hehe ;)) So very true. I also enjoy watching recorded TV shows, mostly Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI..and so on. I like being a detective or a hero. Sure thing, they are not real 🙂 But I guess are also not intended to be too real. They are just a small escapade from reality, just a…distraction, so to say. I don’t think they are more, or at least not intend to be more than just that.
    Nevertheless, I would pretty much enjoy to be a super-woman. Flying around building, having laser eye beams and so on. That’d be cool :d

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