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Quick gaming update.

In case you haven’t been living under a rock you know who Tom Clancy is. Bringing him aboard for their games has probably made Ubisoft a boat load of money. And for good reason. I am not a big fan of the Ghost Recon series and I wasn’t too impressed by Endwar and what not but the Splinter Cell series remains one of the best action/stealth game offerings. One thing I am confused about is the main character’s evolution. I mean, Sam Fisher. It’s all very blurry. Each story seems to be somewhat independent from whatever happened in the other games. He’s like James Bond I guess in that respect. But not the Daniel Craig James Bond – Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace share the same storyline. The thing I enjoyed most in these games, apart from the actual action of sneaking up behind bad guys and taking them, out is the intricate political back-story. Being written by Tom Clancy really makes a difference. For me, Splinter Cell games are like a video game version of the show 24 – which I love.

But life is not all skittles and beer. The PC version of the game, which I had my eye on, uses the same DRM system as Assasin’s Creed 2. You know, the stupid “always connected” system. I might have bought the X360 version if there wasn’t going to be a PC version with better graphics. The PC version materializes April 27th – in 2 short days.  Steam is offering you the possibility to pre-purchase the game for 50 cold ones(euros, on this side of the world) – new games are always this pricey. I am afraid I will have to decline, this time, Mr. Fisher. My faith in Ubisoft is somewhat shaken. It’s nothing personal.

Is isn’t he awesome? 😀

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