My Puny Bitcoin Farm

Hi ppl,

If you don’t know what a bitcoin is, you’ve probably have been living in a troll cave under a wet rock!

If you do know, then you know that GPUs are no longer cutting it as miners. There’s a whole ASIC miner craze going on.

The cheapest device you can get(albeit not the most efficient) is the usb block erupter.

Given how I am cheap and don’t feel like investing too much in bitcoin here’s my puny farm running off one of my Raspberry PIs(btw, connecting directly to the PI without proper power just kills it – I did it by mistake! – instant reboot.not enough amps, duh.bad.)

Puny Bitcoin Farm
Puny Bitcoin Farm

The damn thing is in the proximity of my right foot under the desk so… accidents could happen :).

The little fan is actually doing an amazing job: it’s lowering the temperature of those hot heads from probably around 90(?) Celsius to a liveable 50(?). All I know is that my fingers no longer get burned when I touch them.

Are you mining? NO? Whaaaaat???


Did you notice something funny about the USB hub?


3 thoughts on “My Puny Bitcoin Farm”

  1. Actually, the thing to notice is that I had forgotten to plug it in :). But it worked because it was already plugged in a powered 4-ports usb hub.

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