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Starcraft 2 @ Dreamhack Bucharest 2013 // Year of the Terran



In case you missed it, this weekend was the Dreamhack Bucharest 2013 weekend. Lots of top players, including WCS no. 1, INnoVation faced off in a pretty nice show of SC2.

It looks like in Heart of the Swarm all the top players are playing Terran. Yey!

The final was TvT. There was only one zerg in the semi-finals and quarter finals.

Need I say more? I am telling you, 2013 is the year of the terran!


I am actually happy that a member of Team Liquid won.

Yey, found the finals on YouTube:


Couldn’t find game 3 but INnoVation was pretty much toast after 2-0.


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