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I'd like to talk about Interactive Virtual Experiences (i.e. Video Games)


If you’ve ever been to my blog before you might have noticed that I talk about games sometimes.  I am sure there are many souls who think that any kind of virtual experience (video game) is a waste of time and that we should only live in the “real world”.

I have a few issues with that.

For one, the real world is harsh place. For some it is the reason they decide to give up living. I have been touched by personal tragedy quite early on in my life and I have to say it’s easier at times to give up than to continue to make sense of the world around you. Let alone to try to understand the Universe. But this is, hopefully, not about me, but about the games.

Then there is the issue of living only one single thread of existence. Rather early in their development (around 2000 BC) humans realized they want to share their stories in writing with other human beings. Even before that I am sure they did it in other forms. You see, it’s kind of self evident that we only get one life, one reality, one existence. And yes, your life is probably very fulfilling, saving orphans in South Sudan but most of us don’t get the chance to live out such full lives; and even if we did, we can always expand our minds. In fact, we need to. You see, the point I am trying to make so very eloquent is that any intellectual, non-physical, experience expands our mind and our existence allowing us to live many more lives. Books were, of course, the staple of human culture in the sense of expanding one’s horizon in the dark ages. And then came the moving pictures; a somewhat perversion of the original art of story telling some say. And then around circa 1970 AD something wonderful happened; we got the first interactive experience… No longer did we have to be passive observers to someone’s story, we could be part of the story.

How would you not be excited about that? But let me reiterate an earlier point. Maybe your life is indeed so eventful and full of adventure that you don’t need these artificial universes that I offer.

I will give you that, dear reader. But let me ask you something – does your reality allow you to travel in a spaceship? Explore the Universe? Save Worlds?

I think this old Playstation Ad makes my point for me:


I choose the Multiverse.

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